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A very successful initiative of the Department of Education & Training (DET) and the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) is celebrating its tenth year in 2017.

The Assistants to Teachers of Chinese Program - ATCP - has been influential in introducing new students to the Chinese language and keeping those already enrolled engaged and determined to continue. Over the past ten years, DET has invited a growing number of young and enthusiastic native speaker volunteer graduates from China into Victorian classrooms to work alongside local Chinese language teachers. The ATCs assist in Chinese classes in both primary and secondary schools in the government, independent and catholic systems, and enjoy many opportunities to integrate into the broader school community to extend the language and relationships beyond the Chinese classroom

"The ATC Program has been pivotal in keeping our school children engaged and enthusiastic about learning Chinese," said Thérèse Mercader, Manager of the Languages Unit of the DET.  “Our students relate very well to the young assistants who are passionate about sharing their culture and language.  The ATCs are also a valuable asset in schools in providing a model of authentic language and contemporary culture.”

The ATCP will operate again in 2018 and interested schools, from the government, independent or Catholic system are welcome to contact DET, or WEP Australia which manages the program on behalf of the Department.  The rewards far outweigh any costs involved.  In return for the ATCs voluntary work, schools are responsible for the facilitation of homestay, usually with a local family, three meals a day and transport to and from school.

"There are currently 34 schools hosting ATCs in throughout Victoria this year and we anticipate that these numbers will continue to grow, as schools, and the wider community, appreciate the need to strengthen our knowledge of China and the Chinese language.”

WEP Australia welcomes enquiries from interested schools currently teaching Chinese or considering starting a Chinese program, who wish to participate in the ATCP.

Further information:

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