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Holy Family Primary School LOTE Policy


We at Holy Family believe that is important for students to maintain their cultural and linguistic heritage and for them to know that it is valued by the school.

Therefore we will:

 - Reflect a multicultural awareness.
 - Develop an understanding for other cultures.
 - Provide language and cultural enrichment for all children.
 - Provide a developmental program in Listening & Speaking, Reading and Writing which endeavours to meet the child’s needs, interests and abilities.
 - Enrich the child’s social, emotional, cultural and cognitive development through the development of Mother Tongue and through the study of a Second Language.
 - Facilitate home – school communication through availability of Bi-lingual staff members.
 - Provide Croatian and Italian speaking personnel within the school with whom parents and children can identify culturally and who have knowledge of their needs and aspirations.
 - Develop and foster positive and cross cultural attitudes, interaction and acceptance throughout the learning of a Second Language, Mother Tongue and other cultures.


Photo of students


Through learning LOTE & Mother Tongue in school students will:

 - Participate in simulated and, where possible, real situations related to the practical aspects of ever day life.
 - Interact with others in socially and culturally appropriate ways and to understand, establish and maintain social relationships.
 - Seek out and understand factual information conveyed orally, visually or in writing.
 - Interpret, evaluate and use information for specified purpose and audience.
 - Understand, describe and react to events.
 - Express, discuss, clarify and respond to emotions, ideas, opinions and values.
 - Increase understanding and use of socially and culturally appropriate language and the text-types through which people communicate.
 - Develop communication strategies and decoding strategies.
 - Entertain themselves and others.



To enhance the LOTE / MOTHER TONGUE program we use a range of activities across three strands which are derived from the community, are indoor, outdoor and school based.

Language activity


 - Following instructions
 - Engaging in songs, stories, poems and rhymes
 - Repeating words & phrases
 - Role plays
 - Dialogues
 - Interviews



 - Recognising symbols and words
 - Recognising jumbled words
 - Matching labels with pictures
 - Reading rhymes, stories & poems
 - Dramatised reading
 - Read and retell
 - Sequencing and reconstructing



 - Tracing and copying
 - Cloze
 - Constructing cards, postcards, invitations & recipe
 - Crosswords
 - Comic strips
 - Descriptions
 - Puzzles
 - Dictagloss



Arcobaleno plays integral part of the Prep – 2 curriculum.
Incompagnia is used with the Middle and Senior school.
Both programs have been translated in Croatian.
We also use as our support materials…..

 - Units developed by teacher clusters as our support materials.
 - Croatian Dictionaries.
 - Ucimo Hrvatski – Croatian Listening & Speaking program.
 - Many other books.
 - Maps & posters.
 - Videos from Croatia
 - Guest speakers.
 - Parents.
 - Community.
 - Croatian Embassy & Consulate
 - Ministry of Education - Croatia
 - Children’s school magazines sent monthly from Croatia.