Suggested Student Activities Print


In-groups students complete what do you know about Olympics and present it to the class. If video available watch video and record information.


  • Translate and illustrate Olympia book that is available in bookstores about the history of the Olympics
  • 2 or 3 pages each group and present it to the class.
  • In-groups students brainstorm all the language associated with the Olympics.
  • Classify it into groups
  • Role Play – Spectator Vs officials
  • Send a Fax message Week 3
  • Read or record brief History of the Olympics
  • Complete close
  • Role play
  • Olympic torch – traveling, people that carried it
  • Profile a Croatian person that was involved in torch relay like Frank Simovic from Geelong
  • Play Olympic Dominos
  • Play Olympic Trivia
  • Radio hosts – write and record radio commentary for one of the events
  • Olympic words Glossary
  • Find pictures of different sport & sportsman - label
  • History of sports in pairs or groups & present
  • Present a speech - gold medallist
  • Invent New Olympic sport
  • Advertise new Olympics
  • Debate / Should athletes take drugs
  • Find a newspaper clippings about Olympic event
  • Read and write your thoughts about it
  • Use Internet, newspaper
  • Role play /Interview sportsman and sportswoman
  • Present an oral report about one part of the opening ceremony