Language Promotions Print

The learning of Hungarian is promoted in the Hungarian community. It is advertised in the Newspapers and is also advertised on specific community group's websites.

Why learn Hungarian?

In Victoria about twenty thousand people speak Hungarian to various degrees of proficiency. In Australia the number is around fifty-five thousand.

Hungary and its neighbouring countries, which all have Hungarian-speaking communities, are involved in the world of free trade. Hungary itself has become a full member of the European Union and its common market. Knowledge of the Hungarian language offers opportunities for developing new business, trade and educational contacts. On a personal level, it is easy to develop friendships with Hungarians whose love of guests is legendary.

For the linguistically inclined, Hungarian is a key to ancient languages in Central Asia. Many peoples remember an ancient common past of culture and ethnicity with Hungarians along a geographical belt in Asia, from Chechnya to Japan.

Hungarian is also a language of poetry. It will be a huge task in the future for native speakers to translate and therefore attempt to convey the full richness of Hungarian poetry. Wouldn't it be nice to know, for example, why Hungarian revolutions and wars of independence started with poems being recited at mass meetings?

The logic of the Hungarian language helps the user to think clearly, and Hungarian speakers have won a disproportionately large number of Nobel-prizes and trophies of competitions in science and mathematics.