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Honorary Life Membership

MLTAV Certificate of Merit

E K Horwood Memorial Travel Scholarship
The Professor Michael Clyne Memorial Study Scholarship
2017 Awards listing
2011 Awards listing

2010 Awards listing

2009 Awards listing

2008 Awards listing

2007 60th Anniversary Awards listing

Honorary Life Membership

    "The Association may appoint as Honorary Life Members such persons as it wishes to honour" (MLTAV Constitution 2006)

    Criterion: Dedicated, significant and effective contribution to the work of the MLTAV over an extended period

MLTAV Certificate of Merit


  1. Outstanding contribution to languages teaching in Victoria over an extended period, that has significantly influenced the pattern and/or quality of language teaching and learning in Victoria in some beneficial way AND
  2. Active involvement in the work of the MLTAV or a Single Language Teacher' Association (SLA) - in exceptional circumstances this award may also be made to someone who is not or has not been and would not normally be expected to be or to have been a member of the MLTAV or an SLA or to have contributed directly to the MLTAV.

    Approximately 12 Certificates of Merit will be awarded annually. Recipients can only receive the award once.
  3. Nomination and selection process

  4. Nominations may only be made by a current MLTAV/SLA member and must be seconded by a member of the MLTAV Committee of Management or a member of an SLA Executive Committee.
  5. Nominations must be submitted on the official nomination form and be accepted in writing by the nominee. The nomination must contain the following information: the category of award, the full name, address and telephone number of the nominee, the reasons that justify the award, an outline of the nominee's career with particular reference to contributions relevant to the criteria, and a proposed citation with the words specified on the nomination form plus no more than 300 additional words.
  6. Nominations to be submitted to the MLTAV Secretary.
  7. MLTAV Executive, plus one eminent person other than a language teacher or language academic to consider nominations and make decisions against the published criteria. A unanimous decision must be reached for an award to be approved.
  8. Approved nominations to be then forwarded, by the Secretary, to full Committee for endorsement. Two thirds majority support by a secret ballot process is required for an award to be granted.
  9. Awards to be notified by the MLTAV President, who will also provide the recipient with a copy of the draft citation for approval, and details of the presentation arrangements.
  10. Unsuccessful nominees notified by President.

  11. NB Confidentiality to be observed throughout the process


    Presentation of awards

    The awards will be presented by the MLTAV President at the MLTAV Annual General Meeting held in December each year.

The Professor Michael Clyne Memorial Study Scholarship
As announced at the MLTAV 2011 Annual Cocktail Party and Awards Presentations Ceremony, the Modern Language Teachers' Association of Victoria (MLTAV) is honoured to make a sum of $1,000 available biennially to assist a teacher of LOTE/Languages to support further formal academic study relating to her/his teaching of LOTE/Languages in Victoria. This scholarship is generously supported by Michael's family.

Click here for an application form.

E K Horwood Memorial Travel Scholarship�
Background: As a fitting tribute to the memory of Keith Horwood, the foundation organising secretary of the AFMLTA who passed away suddenly in 1974, the MLTAV makes a sum of $1,000 available biennially to assist a teacher of Languages to gain overseas experience in the language and culture of a country whose language they are teaching. Applicants must be individual members of the MLTAV.

Purpose: To assist a Victorian Languages teacher or Languages teacher educator with expenses associated with gaining in-country experience in the language and culture of a country whose Language(s) forms a part of their regular work. Adult students currently enrolled in a Languages teacher-training course are also eligible to apply, provided they meet all other criteria.
For the full E K Horwood Memorial Travel Scholarship criteria and information, please click here .

Todownload the Application Form click here .


MLTAV Patrons
The MLTAV is extremely proud of its heritage and grateful to all who have, from its inception in 1947, voluntarily given of their time and shared their expertise, experience, passion and drive to ensure that the teaching of Languages not only be incorporated into the curriculum landscape, but be seen as a wonderful skill that has the ability to open doors to great educational, professional and personal opportunities and experiences.
The MLTAV has grown significantly in the 71 years since its foundation. The Association's achievements, such as: ongoing advocacy for Languages educaiton; support of Language teachers and expert professional learning, is a testament to a grat many people who have given so much over so many years. Special acknowledgement must be given to those who worked tirelessly around the time of the Associations' foundation and the following years, to ensure that once firmly established, it evolve into an effective, respected body in the educational arena. To this end, it is important that thanks be offered to the extraordinary individuals who are recognised at the Patrons of the Association [MLTAV]:
  1. Emeritus Professor A.R. Chisholm
  2. Mr. Manuel Gelman
MLTAV Life Members
  1. Geoff Adams
  2. Ian Adams
  3. Kevin Adams
  4. Jim Bland (dec)
  5. Heather Brown
  6. Professor Michael Clyne (dec)
  7. Keith Corcoran (dec)
  8. Denis Cunningham
  9. Faye Ennis-Harris
  10. Margaret Gearon
  11. Andrew Ferguson
  12. Adrienne Horrigan
  13. Keith Horwood (dec)
  14. Ruben Ketchell
  15. Lyn Martin
  16. Wendy Morris
  17. Terry Quinn (dec)
  18. Megan McLaughlin
  19. Frank Milne (dec)
  20. Alan Shugg
  21. Lance Vertigan (dec)
  22. Jim Wheeler (dec)
2017 Awards
MLTAV was founded in 1947 and celebrated its 70th year in 2017. At the Platinum Anniversary Awards Celebration Dinner, immediately following the Annual Confence, the MLTAV bestowed the following awards:

1 Life Membership:

  1. Andrew Ferguson

11 Certificates of Merit:

  1. Brigitte Ankenbrand
  2. Ferdinando Colarossi
  3. Jaclyn Curnow
  4. Lucie Dickens
  5. Maria Dikaiou
  6. Kathleen Duquemin
  7. Khalaf Greis
  8. Nathan Lane
  9. Frank Merlino
  10. Stuart Miller
  11. Nancy Posterino

2011 Awards
On May 20 at the Cocktail Party following the 2011 Annual Conference, the MLTAV bestowed the following awards:

Certificates of Merit:

  1. Karlis Bremanis
  2. Sadriani Kerta
  3. Philippe Vallantin
  4. Tina Wilkinson

2010 Awards
On May 14 at the Cocktail Party following the 2010 Annual Conference, the MLTAV bestowed the following awards:

Certificates of Merit:

  1. Eva Anderson
  2. Michael Keast
  3. Manthos (Matthew) Kokkinakis

2009 Awards
On May 15 at the Cocktail Party following the 2009 Annual Conference, the MLTAV bestowed the following awards:

2 Certificates of Merit:

  1. Egon Vetter
  2. Nicholas Zarkadas

2008 Awards
On May 9 at the Cocktail Party following the 2008 Annual Conference, the MLTAV bestowed the following awards:

2 Life Memberships
  1. Faye Ennis-Harris
  2. Wendy Morris

2 Certificates of Merit:

  1. Aleksandra (Sasha) Ceferin
  2. Flora Osorio
2007 60th Anniversary Awards
On April 27 at the Diamond Jubilee Dinner, as part of the 2007 celebrations of 60 years of service to teachers of Languages in Victoria, the MLTAV bestowed the following awards:

3 Life Memberships
  1. Prof Michael Clyne
  2. Denis Cunningham
  3. Megan McLaughlin

35 Diamond Jubilee Certificates of Merit:

  1. Ian Adams
  2. Liz Aird
  3. Gretchen Bennett
  4. Heather Brown
  5. Keith Corcoran
  6. Dr Teresa De Fazio
  7. Maree Dellora
  8. Marlene Dingle
  9. Anne Eckstein
  10. Gunta Eglite
  11. Christine EkinSmyth
  12. Kylie Farmer
  13. Joseph Favrin
  14. Andrew Ferguson
  15. Doris Frank
  16. Catherine Gosling
  17. Dina Guest
  18. Dr Judy Hajdu
  19. Maria Hohlweg
  20. Adrienne Horrigan
  21. Madeleine Jenkins
  22. Jacqueline Love
  23. Dr Lynette Martin
  24. Roxy McGuire
  25. Wendy Morris
  26. Liz Ray
  27. Pat Ritter
  28. Pauline Rogan
  29. Brigitte Schmelzle
  30. Eva Schulz
  31. Pamela Spiegel
  32. Jillian Symons
  33. Elaine Tarran
  34. Paulene Webster
  35. Veronica Wood