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2014 MLTAV Annual General Meeting / Special Resolution

At the MLTAV 2014 AGM, scheduled for:

Date: Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Time: 5pm - 7pm (drinks and finger food from 4.30pm)

Venue: The Graduate House, 220 Leicester Street, Carlton


The Agenda includes:

A member vote on a special resolution to add a paragraph to the MLTAV Working Rules. Details of the proposed wording change are as follows:


The MLTAV Committee has discussed at length developments with regard to the membership fee (also known as Capitation) that MLTAV pays to the Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers' Associations (AFMLTA). The amount of the fee is determined at the annual AFMLTA Assembly meeting of all State/Territory MLTAs.

At this year's Assembly, proposals were debated with regard to changing the way that the fee is set to reflect the number of teachers represented through MLTAs membership more accurately. Currently MLTAs pay an indexed flat rate per membership, regardless of the type of membership and the number of teachers represented through a School membership. The proposed new way of calculating fees will involve a higher Capitation rate for School memberships, based on a multiplier of the individual membership rate.

Over the last several years the MLTAV has paid approximately 20% of total membership income to AFMLTA under Capitation arrangements. We are very keen to continue this support of the important national representational and advocacy work undertaken by our umbrella organisation. A recent survey of our members indicates that this work, and the publication of Babel, are both widely supported by our membership.

The MLTAV Committee is, though, very concerned about the implications of one model being proposed to increase Capitation, which could see an expectation of up to 33% of total membership income being paid to AFMLTA. Such a rate would greatly limit the capacity of the Association to provide services to our members.

We are, therefore, proposing the addition of the following paragraph to the MLTAV Working Rules, to safeguard the financial viability of our organisation into the future:

Wording of current Working Rules:


2 Purposes

The purposes of the Association are: In cooperation with Single Language Associations, the Australian Federation of Modern Language Teacher Associations Inc (AFMLTA) and other partner organisations, MLTAV supports teachers and learners of Languages throughout Victoria by providing quality services, including Professional Learning opportunities, advocacy and consultancy. The MLTAV aims to encourage and promote the learning of Languages as an essential part of the school curriculum.

Proposed additional paragraph, to be inserted into Rule 68 Management of funds, following subrule (2):

Where cooperation with any organisation, as outlined in Rule 2, involves a membership levy, e.g. capitation fees paid to the AFMLTA, cooperation shall be dependent upon the extent of any such levies being no more than a total of 25% of annual MLTAV membership income.


In conjunction with the notice of the date of the MLTAV Annual General Meeting, the background information above is provided to invite comment before the AGM. Please email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it before 30 November.

All comments will be taken into consideration before a proposal to change the Working Rules is put to the vote at the AGM on 2 December.

Andrew Ferguson

MLTAV President


New Rules (previously the Constitution) for the MLTAV

- all members were encouraged to engage in the consultation process in moving from our old 'Constitution' to our current 'Rules'.

During 2013 the MLTAV developed a new set of Rules to comply with changes required by the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012, whereby updates to our old Constitution were mandatory.

A sub-committee used the Model Rules provided by Consumer Affairs Victoria (, modifying these to ensure key aspects of the current MLTAV Constitution were maintained where appropriate. A draft was then presented to the current MLTAV committee for review and feedback prior to it being presented at the MLTAV Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 3 December, 2013 where it was voted on via a special resolution. Upon acceptance of the new 'Rules' by MLTAV, they were submitted to Consumer Affairs for review and ultimate approval.

Click here for MLTAV's current Rules.


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