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The following policies were provided for distribution at the MLTAV Conference 6 May 2016. MLTAV urges all Languages professionals to engage with their local (aspiring) Federal politicians regarding these policies. Follow us on Facebook to join in the discussion!

The questions/queries suggested below may assist you in talking with politicians.

Australian Labor Party
1. Why are we calling these "foreign" languages? It shouldn't be a 'us' and 'them' dichotomy? We prefer 'additional' Languages, or simply Languages.
2. Inconsistency in terminology between "second" and "foreign" languages, but see note above.
3. Is it true that too many schools see Languages as an optional extra? (Think Victoria vs. other States/Territories!)
4. Why are we being judged on Year 12 Retention? How many Physics teachers are being judged for Year 12 Retention? it is not fair. (In fact, retention in Year 10 enrollment has increased, and so have university enrolments, including ab initio.) Too many students feel that "they can't fit it in their VCE program"
5. Doesn't learning of Languages enhance literacy? We are part of literacy programs ... We are not separate.
6. Growing Together - What about European, Indigenous, Sign, Classical Languages? On face value, this is Languages inequality. MLTAV always advocates for Language Equality.
7. Where are the $ commitments?


The Greens
1. What would be the policy into the future?
2. What are the actual programs that will be put in place? What are the $ commitments?
3. "LOTE" is no longer used.
4. No mention of European Languages and Community Languages.


The Liberal/Coalition Party of Australia
1. Why are we calling these "foreign" languages? It shouldn't be a 'us' and 'them' dichotomy. We prefer 'additional' Languages, or simply Languages.
2. What happened to the 40% target and its progress over the last 3 years?
3. ELLA as the start of the 'pipeline' is commendable. Where is the end of this pipeline?
Note: The MLTAV sees the TFA target of 40% of recruited teachers to specialise in a Language favourably. The requirement for pre-service primary schools teachers to specialise in Maths, Science or Languages is also welcomed!

LEAD-UP TO THE 2016 FEDERAL ELECTION - Labor education policy

The Australian (national) Labor Party has recently released 'Growing Together', an agenda for tackling inequality in Australia

The MLTAV strongly endorses the AFMLTA response which includes the statement: 'We were pleased that this [agenda] identified investment in education as a priority for a stronger and fairer Australia. However we were disappointed by some of the statements in the report relating to Languages education, potentially setting up a position of "Languages inequality" in Australia'. The full letter can be downloaded here: AFMLTA_Letter_to_Kate_Ellis_MP_24_March_2016.pdf.

MLTAV urges all Languages professionals to act on this matter by sharing the AFMLTA letter widely and contacting their local national Labor MP (in government, or aspiring to be elected) to raise our serious concerns about this matter. Please use the messages in the letter to discuss the policy, so that we are giving a consistent message to the Labor party in the lead-up to the national election.

Reply to MLTAV regarding Languages Inequality, received 5 May 2016:
Thanks for the question. 'Your Child, Our Future' is our policy. More specifically on languages - we value and want to see a broad range of languages formally taught in schools, making the most of the skilled teachers and community links we have in place.

We have included a focus on Asian languages in the context of Australia's position in Asia.

Joanne Cleary
Media Adviser

Office of the Hon. Kate Ellis MP
Shadow Minister for Education
Shadow Minister for Early Childhood
P: 02 6277 4479 M: 0428 816 751 

 Major Political Party Statements
In this important election year in Victoria, the MLTAV approached and secured Policy and Position Statements on Languages Education from the three major VIC political parties in May.

We hope that these statements provide important information leading up to the election:

Click here for Greens Party Statement.

Click here for Labor Party Statement.

Click here for Liberal Party Statement.

Please note that in most instances the parties will be providing updates - the MLTAV will keep you informed of developments.