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Victorian Curriculum Exemplar Units of Work for Languages 

MLTAV has worked with experienced primary teachers of Languages to develop a number of Units of Work aligned to the Victorian Curriculum. These comprehensive units are now freely accessibly on FUSE ( along with all the associated resources required to implement the units. Each unit is designed to be implemented across a term and includes innovative teaching ideas as well as suggestions for assessment.

We encourage you to trial these units of work and to adapt them to suit the needs of your students.

Chinese Unit for Year 1-2 students:


This unit is designed for Year 1 and 2 students. It introduces the Chinese names of common fruits and phrases for students to be able to express which fruits they like and which they don't. Students will also be able to describe fruits as healthy or delicious. Students will participate in a variety of songs, games and other activities to build their confidence in using the key words and phrases. They will have opportunities to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through a story about jungle animals ordering juice at a juice bar. They will present this story in a role play and will also use this language more creatively at a 'pop-up' juice bar.

Indonesian Unit of Work for Year 5-6 students:


Resources for FRENCH and ITALIAN, now available on the Department of Education and Trainings FUSE website, via the following direct links: 

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