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The following 'methodology' related resources may be useful to members currently navigating the current online Teaching and Learning enviornment:

Teaching languages remotely: Session 3: Promoting collaboration, creativity and formative assessment.
Joe Dale, Languages Consultant (UK). 8 May 2020

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Teaching languages remotely: Session 3: Promoting collaboration, creativity and formative assessment

62 MFL lesson ideas for remote learning
4 May 2020

Treasure Chest of Resources for Learners, Parents and Teachers in Times of COVID-19
. Eurpoean Centre for Modern Languages of the Council of Europe: Promoting excellence in language education

Summative Assessment in Distance Learning. Author: Andrew Miller. 28 April 2020.

Teacher Staffroom Episonde 14: Delivering remote learning. Author: Dominique Russell. TeacherMagazine. 30 April 2020.

COVID-19: Practical tips for early years teaching and learning. Author: Rebecca Vukovic. ACER: Teacher (Magazine). 24 April 2020.

Teaching Strategies of Award-Winning Online Instructors: A recent study gleaning five insights on virtual instruction by examining the techniques shared in common by top-rated online instructors. By: Michael Ralph. George Lucas Educational Foundation. Edutopia - Online Learning. 17 April 2020.

Active Learning Ideas for Language Teaching with ZOOM. Extempore. Guest Post by Susana Perez-Castillejo, PhD, Assistant Professor Spanish, University of St. Thomas. 17 April 2020

Teaching Speaking Online. National Geographic Learning: In Focus.By Hugh Dellar. 8 April 2020.

20 Ideas for language teachers supporting home learning. Teach it languages - UK. 4 April 2020.

Teaching Methods: teaching building and rapport via videoconferencing. Author: Jo Earp. 15 February 2017

Earlyarts. Creative [early years] ideas for families and schools.

Supporting Every Teacher: Giving digital feedback on learners' writing. Cambridge University Press: World of better learning. Author: Philip Kerr. 20 March 2020