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The following 'advice and policies' related resources may be useful to members currently navigating the current online Teaching and Learning enviornment

Victorian State Government, Education and Training

Learning From Home: Advice in your LanguageVictorian State Government, Education and Training

Early childhood education and care Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information. Department of Education, Skills and Employment. 1 May 2020.

Learning from home in a school setting. Victorian State Government, Education and Training.

In Our Classrooms. Victorian State Goverment, Education and Training.
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Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Coronavirus and school closures: What do they mean for student equity and inclusion? Author: Lucie Cerna. OECD Education and Skills Today. 16 April 2020.

PISA 2018: What PISA tells us about our preparedness for Remote Learning. Sue Thompson. 20 April 2020. 

A framework to guide an education response to the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020. Authors: Fernando M. Reimers, Global Education Innovation Initiative, Harvard Graduate School of Education & Andreas Schleicher, Directorate of Education and Skills, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. OECD

Coronavirus and the future of learning: What AI could have made possible. OECD Education and Skills Today. Author: Stéphan Vincent-Lacrin. 9 April 2020. 

Various Sources

Language challenges of COVID-19 are a pressing issue. By: Ingrid Piller. 24 April 2020.

We asked two experts how to actually learn a language in isolation. Four online language courses to try in isolation and how to actually commit to your goal: Learning a foreign language is a bucket list item for many, but here's how to stay motivated and inspired while doing it in isolation. By: Jessica Wang. 21 April 2020.

Translation initiatives for COVID-19 Public Health Initiatives.

Startling digital divides in distance learning emerge. UNESCO. 21 April 2020.

Home supported learning: Using what works in schools. The Teacher Magazine. Authors: Susannah Schoeffel, Tanya Vaughan. 21 April 2020.

United national cabinet presents principles for way forward. EducationHQ News Team. Author: 16 April 2020

COVID-19: Resources and Strategies for Schools. Global Online Academy. 

How to ensure a successful move to online learning. Author: Nik Peachey. 13 April 2020

Government Funding Guarantee not enough to plug 'big hole' in university budgets. Author: Fergus Hunter. 12 April 2020

When to Teach Online Classes Live and When to let Students Learn on Demand. Edsurge. Author: Jeffrey R Young. 8 April 2020 

How long should lessons be? Does a walk count as PE? 18 April 2020