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The MLTAV Committee is in the process of planning ways for which to support members in a time when we are nevigating an unprecedented education setting dominated by online / virtual teaching and learning platforms.

To ensure this planning process is informed by members voices, we encourage you to complete the following brief online member survey:

First and foremost we hope you, your family, your friends, your school and wider community are well and safe in this unprecedented time. As a Professional Teacher Association, we also see this as a time of great opportunity for teachers to explore new ways in which to engage with students.

It is imperative, as Language Educators, that we support each other through this period of change by sharing experience, knowledge and communicating constantly about challenges and opportunities that we experience as we all navigate the necessity to embrace and learn from online / virtual teaching and learning platforms and practices.

We will continue to communicate with members via MLTAVs newsletter, LanguagesConnect (LC). We plan to produce regular editions of LC throughout 2020 to keep members informed of MLTAV professional learning activities and useful and informative information and resources.

Below are categorised links to a fantastic array of Online Teaching & Learning Resource currently being shared via the MLTAV Facebook Page - Follow MLTAV on Facebook @MLTAV2071:

MLTAV hosted Webinars
Online Applications / Platforms / Programs
Keeping Well
Advice & Policies
Logistics (Time Management)
Bookshops & Publishers