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Looking for a teaching position?
Success is what you make of possibilities. For some it's about a teaching position at the best school. For others it's money, the top job or a position close to home. In partnership with SEEK, the Modern Language Teachers' Association of Victoria has established this special employment search page for teachers of Modern Languages to assist in finding jobs from Australia's most progressive institutions at SEEK. You're in the driving seat, but we can help you make luck happen at seek.com.au.
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Other organisations offer employment listings for Victoria:
Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Victoria
Catholic Education Office - Archdiocese of Melbourne
Association of Independent Schools of Victoria
Hints for advertising your availability as a teacher
You may wish to submit your CV to the Education Department's Regional Project Officers.

You may also wish to work in a school as a volunteer for a short period; this volunteer work may lead to employment at the school - contact a local school or enquire via your Single Language Teachers' Association(s).

Other information:
Victorian Institute of Teaching - all teachers must be registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching before gaining employment in a Victorian government school. VIT Teacher's Hotline 1300 888 067

Teaching@DEECD provides access to information for those considering a teaching career, as well as experienced teachers and graduates seeking employment in Victoria's government schools.

The Department offers financial incentives to final year student teachers and new graduates to take up employment in hard to staff teaching vacancies. The Scholarship benefit includes a cash payment and ongoing employment, in order to attract the 'brightest and best' teacher graduates to teach in Victorian government schools, particularly in priority curriculum and geographic areas.

Holmesglen TAFE Certificate IV in ESL (Employment): English for Teachers - this course assists students who want to learn English, with a specific focus on English as it is used within the Australian Education System. The course is primarily designed for overseas qualified and experienced primary and secondary school teachers, who are eligible for registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching, but who have little or no experience within the Australian Education system. Including a practical placement, this course will facilitate the transition to employment within an Australian Education Institution.